FCIARctic’ research and expert services

FCIARctic has the staff, expertise and equipment for conducting the high-quality research and applied developments on a wide range of issues in the interests of industrial companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, state and municipal organizations, NGOs and individuals.

The Center employs over 260 researchers within units located directly in the Arctic Zone of Russia, in the cities of Arkhangelsk and Naryan-Mar, in the Primorsky district of the Arkhangelsk region.

High qualification of the FCIARctic’ employees is confirmed by hundreds of publications in highly rated Russian and foreign journals, dozens of Russian national patents, by accredited laboratories and certified research methods.

The contribution of the FCIARctic’ research teams to the economic, social and ethno-cultural development of the territories in the Russian North and the country as a whole has been marked by dozens of honorary state ranks and awards, grants from leading Russian and foreign scientific foundations, contracts with business companies in industries such as bio-resources processing, wood chemistry, environmental protection, mining, agriculture, preservation and effective use of cultural heritage.

The infrastructure includes the Center for Collective Use of Scientific Equipment «Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation in the Field of Environmental Safety of the Arctic», unique scientific installations «Arkhangelsk Seismic Network» and «Russian Museum of Biodiversity Centers», research and educational center «Monitoring of Natural and Technology-related Hazards in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Areas».

Currently the Center is preparing for a new step in modernization of its scientific and technological base: for 2020 it is planned to commission a new laboratory complex with modern equipment, which will increase the level and volume of research and development, expert analysis services, and innovative products.



Deputy director on Research

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Deputy director on International Cooperation

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